What are the challenges faced by female YouTubers in India?

What are the challenges faced by female YouTubers in India?

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There are several challenges that female YouTubers in India face. The first is that there is a lack of female representation in the industry as a whole. This means that it can be difficult for women to find mentors and role models.

Additionally, there is often a lack of funds and equipment available to women, which makes it difficult to produce quality content.

Another challenge is that many traditional Indian values still hold sway, and so female YouTubers can often face criticism and backlash for talking about certain topics or sharing certain types of content.
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Коротко о себе:: There is a growing trend of budding female YouTubers in India. Young girls, often in their teenage years, are using the video-sharing platform to share their lives, interests, and unique perspectives with the world. While the topics and content vary widely, there are some common themes among many of these young women vloggers.
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